Want to deliver Real Value to your Users?


/dɪˈzaɪn ˌɛnʤəˈnird/

Gain the edge in business utilizing precisely engineered interfaces.

Artifact is the Human Experience Design Agency.

We engineer interfaces and create the human layer for growing startups as well as established companies.

UX design
Visual Design
Fontend Development


Leverage Big Data
to optimize your
Real Estate portfolio

Analytics tool for data-driven decision making. Created for a Fortune 500 company.


Make breakthrough discoveries faster and easier than ever before

A suite of LIMS applications to accelerate R&D at all levels. Designed together with the biggest Silicon Valley biotechnology Corporation.


Use one system 
to rule them all

A production management system unifying workflows. Designed for a major provider of subtitling, translation, and dubbing services to the entertainment industry.

"Artifact turned our legacy enterprise software into a consumer-grade digital experience"

Daniel Schwartz
Director of Innovation, ButterWhite Media

What's the next step for your product's user interface?


Audit current solution and optimize the User Experience to improve existing processes.


Leverage future-proof frameworks to achieve modern UI standards and get higher app performance.

Create new

Visualize your product idea, create prototype and develop the MVP with an exclusive team.

We offer help on each stage of the product development process.

Research & Analysis

Audit Solutions
Hire Consultants


Design digital interfaces
Hire UX/UI Engineers


Outsource Development
Hire Developers

First and foremost we are users and customers like you and your clients.

Mateusz S. Wójcicki
Managing Partner
Jan M. Radzki
Managing Partner
Bartosz Dobrowolski
Advising Partner

We are honest, love working together and believe that good relations make good business.