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We keep future-focused businesses competitive in the digital landscape.

Since 2017 we have delivered 175+ projects across 10 industries for 65+ clients in 25 cities on 4 continents.

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6 awards
3 awards
3 awards

the strategy-led Design & engineering partner

For Startups & SMBs

We've supported 40+ startups globally who collectively raised over $100M.

product design
Landing Pages
web apps & MVPs

For Marketing Agencies

Partnering with 5+ marketing agencies globally, we enhance their clients' web presence.

Brand Strategy
marketing websites
e-commerce websites

For Enterprise

We effectively integrate with enterprise teams delivering 60+ complex projects to date.

team augmentation
enterprise UX
low-code solutions

recent stories

new client
may 2024
WXCA Architecture studio

One of Poland's most renowned and award-winning architectural studios has become our new client.

new client
april 2024
thumos investments

We have initiated a partnership with a global investment and industrial holding company with a legacy dating back to 1931.

brand strategy
June 2024
Ars Thanea brand strategy

We've admired ArsThanea's work for 15 years. It was an honor to create their brand strategy. Thanks to 247studio for inviting us to join the project.

we Align business value with users needs

Mateusz Wójcicki
mateusz wójcicki
artifact founder
fintech & WEb3
healthcare & WEllness
ai & emerging tech
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As your partner, we leverage 20 years of our founding team's experience to guide you seamlessly through today's economic landscape and digital transformation.
mateusz wójcicki
founder, artifact | design engineered

selected work

We are currently accepting submissions for August 2024.

Think of them as a critical part of your team, not as an outsourced service.

steve monaghan
chief strategy officer, hiasia, singapore

The team was always contactable, honest in their opinions, and patient to work through challenges as they arose.

Neil Mathieson
CEO, vellis financial, canada

Very collaborative, listening to the client's needs, but also coming up with usability solutions that we didn't know about.

Joanna Jastrzebska
Head of department, Warsaw Rising Museum

It’s quite rare to find a team with a wide range of skills and with consistency.

Chris Jones
Chief Product Officer, gather, london

We were a one team, as the border between the two companies was almost nonexistent.

Piotr Gasierkiewicz
ceo, allbright, warsaw

Their work was of such high quality that we went back to them each time we needed changes.

elliott donazzan
founder, payble, sydney

A product page build in Webflow was up and running within a week from engagement with the Artifact team.

paul nowotarski
creative director, ynd, berlin

We are currently accepting submissions for August 2024.

we are users and customers just like you and your clients

Artifact is a team of 10+ agile professionals from Warsaw and Berlin, committed to delivering real business value.

agile in delivery
focused on partnership

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