We are making an SDK for web 2.0 so that everyone can create P2E games to port them to web 3.0, and we are providing the ability to create digital avatars so that everyone can identify with their virtual self while simultaneously earning money by trading NFTs.

norbert, Wannabe founder

We partnered with Wannabe to create an innovative web3 social media platform.

Wannabe is creating a solution to analyze and compare the behaviors of virtual avatars with actual consumer preferences, aiming to understand correlations and provide insights into human behavior within both virtual and real-world contexts.

Nostalgia meets defi

Our challenge was to blend nostalgia, pop culture, and the human desire for transformation into a virtual space where users can create avatars become whoever they want, socialize, share values, trade, and engage in casual gaming.


Concept Development
Content Architecture Design
DeFi User Experience
Strategic Planning and Execution
Investor Engagement


By integrating decentralized finance and an NFT marketplace, we've developed a platform concept that aligns real-world consumer behaviors with virtual avatars, unlocking insights for both casual gamers and commercial entities.

conceptual challenges

Diverse Perspectives

The founders brought different expertise to the table; one from a technical standpoint and the other from a business viewpoint. Both had extensive experience in gaming, but their divergent perspectives necessitated collaboration and alignment.

Finding Common Ground

The task of merging the technical and business visions into a unified concept demanded a thoughtful approach, enabling the blending of both backgrounds.

Technical Challenges

Experimental Playground for Brands

Crafting a space where brands could experiment required deep knowledge of Web 3.0, game SDK development, and the creation of high-fidelity avatars.

Integration with Stacks Platform

The design of the architecture needed to be aligned with the Stacks framework. Recognizing its seamless integration with Bitcoin and smart contract features, the team ensured compatibility with decentralized finance and NFT marketplaces.

UX Challenges

Reconciling Complexity with Usability

Bridging the intricate world of Web 3.0 with an experience familiar to casual gamers was challenging. It required a design that made complex technologies accessible to a broader audience.

Connecting Gaming Motivation with Social Media

Finding the nexus between the desire to play games and the dynamics of social media was a crucial yet complex aspect of the project.

Harmonizing Diverse Elements

Designing an interface that could cohesively blend varied aspects such as cryptocurrencies, brands, user avatars, trading, and content publishing demanded innovation and finesse.

"We believe that the future will bring the automation of job positions and the real merging of the virtual and real worlds, allowing the possibility to earn money from online activity, including playing mobile games."

piotr, Wannabe CTO

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