"Most employees today live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. We can change this by creating value through arbitraging time."


We collaborated with the global HiAi team across Tokyo, Warsaw, and New York.

HiAi, headquartered in Singapore, is an asset management technology firm that optimizes the world's largest capital flows using unique IP, advanced AI, and a focus on scaling value.

Their proprietary solution "Pay Asset Finance" enables companies to turn their payrolls from expenses into income-generating assets.

Through PAF Early Wage Access program, financial institutions purchase the payroll, allowing employees to be paid in real-time and freeing up cash flow for employers.

The best offer to your employees
is the financial peace of mind.

Through a series of discovery workshops, we identified user needs and pain points. Then we conceptualized an all-in-one e-wallet that allows employees to access their pay as they earn it and manage their finances.


Discovery Workshops
Concept Development
UX/UI Design
Design Production in SCRUM


We helped to transform employee benefits into the world’s most valuable employee financial ecosystem, giving an employee an effective pay rise without increasing wages.

Key Features

All-In-One eWallet

Engineered to maximize employee value and simplicity, HiWallet empowers employees to focus on what truly matters to perform at their best.

Financial Fitness

Designed to optimize employees spend and saving habits to help them reach their financial goals.

Company Connect

Employee benefit marketplace gives access to a unique tailored offer, allowing to stretch every dollar further.

Benefits of Instant Access to Earned Wages

Improved Financial Flexibility

With Hi Everyday Pay, financial planning becomes easier. Employees can better manage unexpected expenses, from medical emergencies to sudden repairs, without the stress of waiting for payday.

Increased Financial Stability

Instant wage access provides more than just access; it offers peace of mind. With tools to help save, budget, and invest, employees can build a stable financial future.

Reduced Credit Costs

No more resorting to high-interest loans or credit cards. With instant wage access, employees can avoid the debt trap, saving them from spiraling interest and financial strain.

Happier Employees

Financial stress is a leading cause of workplace anxiety. By alleviating this burden, employees can focus on their roles, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

the Challenges

Financial Flow Linearity

Traditional financial systems operate on set cycles, but our product challenges this norm. We had to design a system that could handle real-time finance while ensuring security and transparency.

User Education

Introducing a new financial system comes with its learning curve. We developed a set of features to ensure users could seamlessly adapt and make the most of the opportunities presented.

Scalability and Integration

As we aimed to revolutionize the traditional payroll system, one of our biggest challenges was ensuring that our solution could seamlessly integrate with existing corporate payroll and financial systems. Not only did it have to be scalable to handle the needs of large enterprises, but it also had to be flexible enough to adapt to various financial regulations and compliance requirements across different markets.

UX Process

Data Collection

Our initial step was comprehensive digital surveys. This data-driven approach ensured we understood the needs, preferences, and concerns of our target audience.

Team Workshops

Collaboration was key. We held regular brainstorming sessions, ensuring every team member, from designers to developers, was aligned with our vision and goals.


Before diving into full-scale development, we created functional prototypes. These were regularly tested and refined based on feedback, ensuring our final product was user-centric.


With a clear blueprint in hand, our design team crafted visually appealing and intuitive interfaces. Every element, from color schemes to button placements, was optimized for user experience.


As we showcased our product to potential partners and investors, we continuously refined our presentation. This iterative approach ensured we were always putting our best foot forward, attracting the right stakeholders for our vision.

“New benefits such as Everyday Mortgage enable employees to save on their interest payments, accelerating home ownership.”

eddie lei,
CHIEF operations OFFICER, HIai

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