Case Study

Helping your company become carbon neutral

Oaze is all about optimising and reducing energy spendings, helping users achieve the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.


Sea level rise in the next 500 years


An area with the size of U.S. is available for reforestation.


Planet temperature rise in the next decades measures, harmonizes and visualizes all emissions data of your company in real-time.

Calculate your energy footprint

Understand your impact

Manage your energy footprint

Analyze and plan ahead

Dashboard view showcasing energy consumption over the time, divided in different categories.

Offsetting CO2

Get involved in the change

Only by truly understanding our energy impact we can move forward. That means having access to an Offset Marketplace where we can browse different projects and choose where to invest.

By comparing our energy consumption to the potential offsetting ability of a particular project we can easily decide what’s the best way to help saving the planet.

Having the chance to work on the whole scope of the project, from branding to prototyping, made the whole process and it’s final product consistent.

Mobile App

Visual Identity is a data driven platform focused on numbers and results. We worked together to make sure the final identity translates that.




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The team has excellent intuition about how to positively impact users and make our app user-friendly.

Franz Salzmann, CEO, OAZE.IO

We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. They were clearly interested on our long-term success.

Christian Wetter, COO, OAZE.IO